Jugni. What is jugni? Jugni means a “female firefly”. And who do I refer to by this? All the girls. 

We are all jugnis. 🌟

Why? Because everyone of us has a spark inside them. A spark which can be seen in times of dark. That spark not only brightens us but also the black , dark , melancholic world. 
We survive the darkness , the filth , the disgusting dirt.

But do we complain about it? No. Why?Because, we are taught not to do so. 

Are we really in the 21st century?? I doubt. Centuries have passed by , people have changed, world has changed , science has evolved but what about the mentality? 

Why are we girls molested, raped, used, assaulted, murdered?🚺

Some in disguise of a friend or a mentor, use us. And we do nothing, but cry.

Some play with our hearts, our feelings, our immaturity, our delicate minds and soft tissues. Does it pain? Yes. Are we supposed to be treated like that? No. Do we complain about it? No. Why? Because we are taught not to do so.

In a country like mine, I am afraid of walking on the streets after Sunset. My mother, keeps calling me during my journey back to home. Why? Because we are afraid. Of what? Of every filthy creature who has nothing but filth in his mind and thoughts.
Life, my dear friends is not a game. No one wins or fails. Its a journey. We learn and we evolve. But when we face some brutal hardships , we need to fight. Fight and continue the journey. C’est la Vie🍁


Every girl is a  jugni, burning and shining. Like gold. 
Stay bold. Stay gold. 🔥

Don’t be afraid that you’ll fall my friends. What if you fly?🌈

Don’t be ashamed to wear your crown.You are a king. You are a queen. Inside and out.👑